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We help credit unions all over the country to offer their members Medicare solutions along with the credit unions’ existing suite of services. A majority of credit unions today are offering services like auto and home insurances, financial advising/wealth management services, dental and life insurances, and the like. What we find though is that not many credit unions are offering their aging and retired members an option for Medicare insurance. What many aren’t privy to is that Medicare is a whole different animal compared to any other insurances. It’s a niche and takes an expert to stay current and abreast.

This is where Omega comes in. We are a full-service Medicare resource and education center (check out our subsidiary brand Senior Health Medicare  to learn more) and we offer this to our CU partners to private label. We learn your philosophies, goals, and mission, and we reinforce your brand with every member interaction. Meanwhile, the members see more solutions coming from their CU, and there is a 70% chance that you’ll sell another product or service to that member. Omega even helps with that. When we have a member at the point of discussing their health, they likely reveal other areas of need. Not only do we offer your members access to Medicare experts via their CU, but we also help your CU with other initiatives and are able to keep it all within your umbrella.

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