For Our Partners
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What's in it for Our Partners?

Besides a valuable Medicare resource for your clients, here is what we are able to offer our partners.

Member retention. The more helpful resources you provide your members within the CU, the more of their trust you will earn. Trust breeds loyalty.

New members. Medicare is highly referable because so many people need help. This means, when we market Medicare to members, we will find new members in the process.

More cross-selling opportunities. We keep a “scorecard” of all the areas to refer back business as topics uncovered during Medicare conversations. We are successful at referring back auto and home insurances, life insurance, loans, financial services, even accounts. Whatever your initiatives, they become ours when we interact with your members.

Ancillary revenue stream. The biggest value to a partnership with Omega is member happiness, but for any enrollments, your institution can generate funds to feed some of your other initiatives.

Be the hero. Helping seniors with Medicare makes you their hero! Your credit union is seen as the true resource, we serve as your Medicare team. This way your CU gets all the glory!