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How and Why it Works

How does Omega secure my member data?
Omega is a third-party independent insurance enrollment center. Therefore, this means that we do not house any secure member data. The only sharing of data between the CU and Omega is non-sensitive information used for marketing purposes only. The only time when sensitive data would be transferred is when a member enrolls into an insurance plan. But at that point any and all sensitive information is housed by the insurance company they choose. Omega doesn’t house any secure member data. Think of us like a liaison between the insurance companies and the member.

But what about compliance?
We adhere to very strict compliance guidelines in one of the most regulated industries. Our marketing is always compliant for Medicare, and we can do whatever needed to make it compliant for the CU as well. Usually this only involves adding an NCUA logo or simply adding or changing verbiage.

Our advisors exist to reinforce your core business and protect your member relationships. This partnership is symbiotic in every sense of the word. We are mutually reliant on one another to make the Medicare program a success. Our teams work together to deliver a seamless experience for the member with consistent marketing and streamlined tech. Together, we can help solve Medicare puzzles for your members.