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Helping Credit Unions solve Medicare puzzles for members.

Our Story

Omega Benefit Strategies was founded in 2013 by two guys, Kevin Tunison and Jake DuBois, who have been best friends since they were kids. Over a decade ago, they became standout advisors in the Medicare insurance business and immersed themselves in the industry. Soon after, they came to realize the depth of disreputable and shady tactics that so many are practicing in this field and decided to break away from the industry standard.

The pair knew there was a better way to serve their clients with integrity and with education at the forefront, and to help other organizations to offer the same Medicare concierge service to their members. During the mid-2000s when all General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler salaried retirees were dropped from promised retiree health benefits, Kevin spoke to thousands of retirees and helped them through the process. The retiree associations continued to bring Kevin in to speak about Medicare, and he solidified the idea to continue to partner with membership-based groups seeking to offer members this vital benefit.

Omega is able to bring the same expertise and integrity that they practice with their own clients to memberships of any size. Every day we are helping credit unions, associations, and labor unions to offer their aging members a Medicare resource among their suite of member solutions.

Omega Benefit Strategies is the parent company of Senior Health Medicare, which you can learn more about here.

Who We Are

Omega exists to provide your senior members with an educational resource for Medicare. We offer a turnkey marketing package that seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing strategy to increase new member acquisitions, bolster retention, cross-selling opportunities via our “scorecard” system, and even earn an ancillary revenue stream for your organization. Omega is a Medicare resource that scales to accommodate any size membership while maintaining exemplary member service and premiere product offerings.

Why Omega?

We're independent. We have access to nearly every program under Medicare from all the insurance companies. This means we truly find the best fit for members and there is no bias in our recommendations.

Real service professionals. Friendly Medicare experts are awaiting your members' calls for all things Medicare. We serve in the best interest of members and act as the liaison between them and the insurance companies. We also do complimentary reviews every year to ensure members have the best coverage at the best price possible.

Non-intrusive. Partners can use their state-of-the-art Medicare website to allow members to compare rates, learn more about Medicare, or RSVP for an upcoming seminar- all from the comfort of their home or wherever.

No Cost to CU or Members. We don't charge a fee for our services, so members can take advantage of this free resource from their credit union.

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