Turnkey Medicare Marketing
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Turnkey Medicare Marketing

Oh yeah, did we mention we do the marketing? From printing to design to deployment, mailings to web ads and webinars, we’ve got Medicare marketing for your CU handled. We can handle as much or as little of the marketing as you want. We deliver a marketing plan with a quarter’s worth of assets at a time, to make compliance approval go more smoothly. Most of the CU marketing leaders we work with enjoy the marketing piece taken off of their plate!

We offer custom packages based on the marketing plans already in place for your CU. We can create any marketing materials to fit your CU’s brand personality, style, and culture. If your CU is more technologically advanced, we work with your teams to deliver complete digital plans including video walls, email templates, social media posts, and web ads. Likewise, the more traditional credit unions are preferring printed signage, letters, and more in-person events. Whatever your style, we’re sure you’ll love our stuff.

Ways we reach and learn more about your members
  • • Print and Digital Marketing kits
  • • Unique Website with Medicare rate comparison and RSVP function
  • • Unique Phone Answering Service
  • • Custom Workshops, Seminars, and Webinars
  • • Video Wall and Website Ads
  • • Digital and Printed Signage
  • • Custom Presentations
  • • “Medicare Days”- Medicare experts sitting in the branch for walk-in appointments
  • • Statement Inserts- Letters or Ads
  • • Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting