Why Medicare
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Why Medicare?

• Baby boomers are aging into Medicare at a rate of 10,000 per day in the US. These people need a resource for these important financial decisions.

• Medicare isn’t like other insurances, it’s a niche, a specialty. Medicare is an ever-changing, complex, and detailed system meant to be navigated by an expert. It requires true dedication to stay on top of the updates and changes. We only do Medicare at Omega, Medicare is our first love.

• Medicare is so confusing. Everyone entering Medicare territory should have a trustworthy resource to help educate and enroll them into the right program, and then to inform and advise them of changes and updates in the system throughout the life of their membership.

• Your membership needs Medicare help. Even if you aren’t targeting seniors in your marketing efforts, there are on average approximately 25% baby boomers in your membership that need this critical info. Who better to deliver it than you?