How amazing leaders gain followers

Integrity is key: The people who you are leading should not have any doubt in their minds that you are working for their best interest. If you keep your intentions pure and actions open, those who you are leading will not worry about what you are hiding from them. Tony Dungy says, “Integrity, the choice between what’s convenient, and what’s right.” When you lead, constantly remind yourself of this statement. Ask yourself am I doing this because it’s the easiest option, or am I doing this because it’s the right option? If you keep this in the forefront of your mind, you will not have depend on your position for power.

Trust: Trust is more than a five letter word, it’s a motivator, rationale, a unifying idea, and a guide. If you trust in your team and your team trusts in you, moving forward to your goal will minimize obstacles. Trust will allow you as a leader to unlock the potential of your following. If you build your foundation on trust, you will be able to focus on elevating your team, rather than focusing on if they will do their job properly.

Influence: Even though trust is the foundation, influence is the “way” you gain the trust of your following. Many amazing leaders like Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Malala Yousafzai could transfer their ideas to the hearts of their listeners. When speaking to your following, do not forget that the message is important, but the delivery is what makes it “stick”.  Influence is not only what you say, but it is also what you do. Leaders can influence many people with their words, but exceptional leaders influence the masses by their words and actions.

Be Free, Be Open: We all can agree that the role of a leader can de-humanize the individual at times. Your followers may see you as a title rather than a person. To change that, allow your followers to see your vulnerability and the things that push you on a daily basis.  When you humanize yourself, it allows room for growth, for change, and many more elements of leadership.  It also eases the separation from yourself and your followers.

Please let us know which tip stands out to you!

5 Tips to maximize your brand

  1. Don’t wait to make meaningful connections
    1. The time to make deep and personal connections with your clients are not 1 or 2 months prior to a launch or an event. The time to create these relationship should start when your client begin the process to becoming a client. The quicker you create that relationship, the quicker your client sees your company as a person rather than a business. If your clients can make a personal connection, you will see an increase in retention and loyalty.
  2. Make it Playful
    1. Allow your clients to see the playful side of your brand! You can use subtle hints such as color schemes, or you can be bold and create a nice game as they are waiting for a landing page to load. Many companies have created sketches and funny one-liners for the clients to listen to while they are waiting.
  3. Be Bold
    1. Don’t be scared to go Bold, to try new things. If you are looking for longevity, attracting the younger generation is the way to go. The younger generation will allow your brand to grow, be experimental, and reinvent the brand if need be. Being bold also encompasses using social media platforms to their fullest ability. For example, using Instagram to story create a poll, or creating a snapchat filter at one of your events.
  4. Share Precious Moments
    1. Allow you clients to see the beautiful moments that your brand creates. A couple of ideas can be clients/employees’ birthday, monumental sale, community outreach event, and client success stories. These moment really humanize your brand and company almost instantly. Highlighting these events not only help retain your current clients, but is allows you to cast a wider net of prospecting clients.
  5. Make it worth sharing
    1. We all know the best marketing is word of mouth. If a picture says 1,000 words, then posting a picture allows us to speak without saying anything. If the moment that was photographed was shared…your brand could reach millions of people in seconds! Every picture, video or etc. that is posted on the behave of your brand should be a piece of the overall story you want the client to know.

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