Why an Insurance FMO Can Help Your Business

A Field Marketing Organization (FMO) can help market, sell, and distribute various insurance products; at Omega, we focus on Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans. To provide our clients with the best possible service, we focus solely on the Medicare realm.

Carriers have added efficiencies and are often offered contracts by agents that they might not otherwise be able to access. When you choose to work with an FMO, you are essentially selecting a business partner to help grow your company. There are countless aspects of managing your company; from training and certification to carrier contracting and enrollment processing, you will surely have plenty to learn and do as an insurance agent. To help ease some of your stress and mitigate the learning curve, read on to discover how partnering with an FMO can help your business:

Enrollment Processing: A significant benefit of using an insurance agent’s services, this process can be more complex than initially thought. It’s essential to have the most recent carrier enrollment forms, complete client information, and supplemental information for specific plan changes. You should be able to update carrier forms, checklists, and guides effortlessly. Most FMOs provide back-end support to process and submit enrollment applications.

Training and Certification: Annual AHIP certification and staying current with yearly changes and new products is vital for success as an insurance broker. These tasks require a lot of training. A solid FMO should provide you with all the resources necessary to get – and stay – certified, take on new products, educate your clients, and remain successful in your arena.

Carrier Contracting: Most FMOs have existing contracts with multiple carriers and products to make the process more streamlined for you to provide a greater number of plans and benefit options to your clients. It is possible to work directly with carriers and obtain individual contracts for each one.

Compliance: To help your clients understand all the available options, you must be knowledgeable about each product and abide by the guidelines. To get clients their best coverage at the best rate, it’s paramount to work with a well-established FMO.

Office Support: Insurance agencies have almost never-ending case management, enrollment tracking, payment processing, etc. A strong FMO will provide the back-office support you require. You’ll quickly learn how to manage your book of business, claims, track paperwork, and handle overall office duties.

Marketing Services: Multi-level marketing can be a complex creature, but a good FMO will have that under control. To approach new targets, stay connected with your existing customer base, and become more of an authority, an experienced FMO will provide marketing support across all channels.

Get started with a trusted FMO like Omega Benefit Strategies today. We can help take your company to the next level.

Omega Benefit Strategies provides seniors who are affiliated with credit unions, labor unions, and associations an educational resource for Medicare. Our turnkey marketing package seamlessly integrates with existing market strategies. We can help businesses increase new member acquisitions, bolster retention, cross-sell opportunities via our “scorecard” system, and even earn an ancillary revenue stream. Accommodating any size membership, we maintain exemplary member service and offer top-notch products. Contact us today by going to www.omegabenefit.org or call 888-404-5049.

Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: www.cpsmi.com.