Three Tips to Deliver a Strong Insurance Pitch

Three Tips to Deliver a Strong Insurance Pitch

Insurance sales can be challenging. It requires a balance of friendly tactics blended with your promotional. All too often, sales-driven rhetoric seems overbearing to clients. On the other hand, being too friendly can drive people away as well. To avoid either of these situations, it is a good idea to rehearse the insurance sales pitch tips below. This three-step process is a foolproof way to offer a stronger proposal to your clients. Feel free to tweak and customize the steps to benefit your individual needs.

Your Role
The first step is to define your role, being clear about your expectations, limitations, and goals in a clear, concise manner. Try to explain what you do – or can accomplish – in one or two sentences. Figure out the fundamental things every client will need to know and feel before doing business with you. Outline your services, results, and emotions without oversharing. Entice your clients and leave just enough questions to pique their curiosity, so they will have to refer to you for more information.

The Solution
Insurance is all about an answer or solution to a problem. A crucial aspect of your pitch is to demonstrate your knowledge and ability to formulate solutions. Keeping your audience engaged is a critical factor in separating yourself from other insurance agents. One idea is to consider your client’s biggest problem and offer an answer with an added benefit. Offering a resolution provides proof that you can – and have – delivered on your promises. Ousting their doubts and proving you have what it takes makes all the difference.

Persuade clients to take action by putting the ball in their court. Use urgency and action-oriented verbs to appear confident, empowering your client to move forward with you. Avoid falling flat at the end of your pitch, and be as upfront as possible. Frame it in a way where the client simply cannot say no or refuse. It’s important not to rush or ramble, so take your time and speak clearly.

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