Five Tips to Maximize Your Brand Visibility with Experiential Marketing

As you review your brand’s marketing strategy for the new year, you might be leaning toward experimental marketing, which can provide more of a Return on Investment (ROI) than traditional advertising sources. Experiential marketing (also known as engagement marketing) invites an audience to interact with a business in a real-world situation. Using hands-on, tangible branding material, the company can showcase its goals, values, and offerings.

  1. Consider your audience: While experimental marketing is a wonderful way to connect with your audience, in the COVID-19 era, it might not be the best strategy for everyone. Before implementing your plan, consider who you are trying to reach. Think about the best way to connect with them in the safest and most comfortable way possible.
  2. Utilize technology: The best way to reach your customers might be through a social media platform such as Facebook Live, Instagram, or YouTube. There are many tools available online to orchestrate virtual events, meetings, and the like. These applications are beneficial for complying with state or local COVID-19 protocol. Moreover, you can expand your reach through technology, as some people might not have participated if not for a virtual setting.
  3. Create focus groups: When looking to implement experiential marketing, develop unique ideas through focus groups. Discover how these individuals react to specific strategies to gauge how your audience will respond. Engaging focus groups will help predict your overall audience reactions.
  4. Be bold: Fully understand your marketing strategy while delivering a clear and concise message. Create a world where your audience can fully engage in your story. Provide delightful, shocking, and surprising marketing campaigns. Showcase your brand and give your audience tools to share it with the world.
  5. Plan accordingly: Take educated risks without rushing too much. It’s easy to get excited and start implementing ideas, but don’t get sloppy. Your audience of customers can easily scrutinize, so make sure your strategy is strong, direct, and can stand up to opposition.

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Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: