Five Reasons Why Credit Unions Should Shift Marketing Efforts to Baby Boomers

Many credit unions currently focus marketing efforts on millennials, as they will soon make up 75% of the United States workforce. However, baby boomers are presently in need of support, information, and tend to have more disposable income. Continue reading to find out why baby boomers should be your target marketing effort.

  1. Spending: Baby boomers already spend the most among the U.S. generations and will continue to increase over the next two decades. Researchers estimate that within 20 years, baby boomer spending will reach 60 percent, while millennial expenditures will increase by 25 percent.

  2. Engagement: Baby boomers are more adept at personal engagement and are highly attentive to topics they care about. Since many of them are approaching retirement, they take opportunities to learn and understand the landscape they are entering. They prefer phone calls or personal touches as opposed to millennials, who are more adept at virtual and technological avenues.

  3. Loyalty: Baby boomers are incredibly loyal, especially when it comes to brands. Millennials make brands and companies work a lot harder to keep them, while baby boomers are known to be faithful and make referrals when they are satisfied. These customers buy about 66 percent more than non-loyal members throughout the membership.

  4. Volume: Half of the entire U.S. population is 50 or older; 10,000 people are aging into government systems such as Medicare and Social Security daily. The largest wave of baby boomers (those born in 1957) will peak in 2022, increasing numbers until that time. Retirement information is sought out as a valuable resource.

  5. Targeting: You can reach millennials through baby boomers. Most baby boomers influence their loved ones – especially kids and grandkids – millennials included. They have close relationships with their children and are influential in their brand and product choices. In fact, 63 percent of millennials use all or many of the same brands as their elders.

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Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: